urban wetlands

how to approach, represent and include the complexity of urban wetlands in our urban narratives ? 

urban wetlands investigates the dense network of relationships between urban infrastructural grids and the spontaneous development of ecosystems within them. The focus of the research is set on a particular typology called “Urban Wetland”. Wet-lands being the liminal spaces (or ecotones) where two ecosystems meet and blur into one another, creating a particularly rich field of interactions between different forms of life. But urban wetlands do so in an already complex context: an urban one.

The result of this research is a 5-channels video installation and a 300x120cm axonometric section, as an attempt to display the complexity of these relations, their simultaneity and the sometimes brutal conflicts resulting from a neo-capitalist, profit oriented urban development and the succession of ecosystems.

2022, field research
axonometric section, digital print on construction site banner, 300x120cm.