During the “Inhabiting Madness”  festival, Collectif Trouble presented the first version of “Welcome to the Past” (in french “Bienvenue au Passéoscope”), a performative ballad through the land- and peri-urbanscapes of the 21st century.

— Together we imagine that we live in 2224, about 100 years after the “Big Crash” – a major internet collapse in which most of the data on our recent history was lost. Since then, historians worked hard to understand the way humans lived before the Crash — re-constituting absurd daily scenarios and societal concepts, based on the little data available. Did humans really sit in small metal boxes to travel from one place to the other? Did they really think they could “own” things, and places? Did they really believe “money” was real? Why did they use different words to speak about the same thing, like “nature” and “culture”?

The narration is inspired by the spaces and human-made artefacts encountered along the way, and offers a critical reading of our built surroundings. Through story-telling, issues of ecologies, human and more-than-human cohabitation and the effect of late-capitalism on spaces and people are addressed in a subversive way and poetic way.

This performative walk is a poetic and dystopian narration which is strongly inspired by its surroundings.

Performative ballad, June 2022
images  © Collectif Trouble  & © Orso