Ivry Affaires 

3 weeks artistic residency with the collective urban fragment observatory in in Ivry-Sur-Seine in cooperation with local initiatives Jardin à tous les étages (Ivry) & Arch’Ivry

In the 1960’s, Ivry-sur-Seine – a south-eastern Parisian suburb– was the theater of a groundbreaking social housing operation, in which architect and urban planner Renée Gailhoustet, together with Jean Renaudie, designed an architecture deeply anchored in socialist values of communal living and social equity. The generous space dedicated in their buildings to urban ecosystems on the many public and private terraces makes it an example of resilient, ecological and foremost deeply social architecture today.

During the 3 week long residency, the research focus was set on the different forms of care that inhabitants enacts towards this particular architecture. 

Inspired by the diversity of these practices and the generosity of the surrounding spaces, we worked together with inhabitants to create 3 fictional narratives that were shot on the spot. The 3 short-films were projected as 3 channel-video installation in public space Ivry-sur-Seine in September 2023 and in Berlin in Haus der Statistik.

video installation in Ivry-sur-Seine, September 2023 
photos © ufoufo