invasiveness is a video installation inspired by the multilayered landscape of Lake Balaton. From private property, to tourism, borders, surveillance mechanisms, artificial shores, extractivism, to reedbeds and zebra mussels, the concept of invasiveness is studied from different perspectives. 

is a video collage between documentary and fiction and displayed with woven artifacts made out of gleaned materials, plastics, reeds, trash and weeds, –different fragments of the same landscape.

The installation was displayed in 2 group-exhibitions: the Ecological Weekend (26-29.08.2023) on Örvényes Beach and «Disturbed Waters» in Veszprém (20.10- 31.12 2023).  

Invasiveness is a creation by Collectif Trouble (Garance Maurer, Jeanne Astrup-Chauvaux & Mathilde Dewavrin). 

2023, video & sound
Disturbed Waters, Vészprem (Hungary)
video still